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Italian fashion brand Mandarina Duck was founded in 1977 by Paolo Trento and Pietro Mannato. It stands above all for trendy bags and travel accessories, but also creates fragrances, sunglasses and watches. Mandarina Duck is headquartered in Bologna and has over 60 stores worldwide. Offices in, among others, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and Paris are helping to distribute Mandarina Duck products. However, if you want to buy one or more Mandarina Duck bags, you do not have to travel far, but can rely on the expertise of LEEDERWAREN WEIDNER. We offer a very uncomplicated selection of beautiful bags and backpacks in our online shop. Of course you can also get the Mandarina Duck models in our stores in Vienna or Baden.

Mandarina Duck bags: exquisite Italian design

If you want to keep up with the times, our leather goods online shop is the right address. Here you will find selected products from international brands that stand for high-quality leather goods and innovative design. Mandarina Duck bags radiate vitality and desire to travel with their fresh look. They combine innovations with proven quality and comfortable materials. Mandarina Duck designs accessories for agile ladies and gentlemen who are looking for reliable and happy companions. With the bags and backpacks of the Italian brand, the flight is just as much fun as the tram ride. At Mandarina Duck, the production runs with a constant eye on the high demands of the buyers. From the first design draft to the final quality control, the focus is on the needs of the users.

Varied collections for a fresh swing

If you BUY a new LEATHER BAG, this should not only have a practical use, but also complete various outfits. For example, a handbag for city life can be fun and show a bright color, while a briefcase must fit the serious office look. Mandarina Duck makes offers for all these occasions and more. The brand makes your journey easier with its nylon waterproof nylon trolleys and helps you with your bags and backpacks while shopping. Some models are made of Mitrix, a special polyester fabric that is typical of the Mandarina Duck brand and shimmers in the light. The design ideas of Mandarina Duck even extend beyond the pocket world: Among others, came in 2007, a Nissan Micra on the market, the exterior of which was edited by the Italian label. In 2009, an Alcatel phone, the optics of Mandarina Duck was set. As a brand that moves with the times, Mandarina Duck created a handbag in 2017 that consisted of recycled plastic bottles.

Buy leather bag: online easily

Mandarina Duck bags are part of the sophisticated online offer of Lederwaren Weidner, the competent dealer for high quality leather bags and accessories. Among other things, our webshop impresses with a direct availability display for products and a practical wish list, where you can note bags and other items for later or for gift events. If you are still a little unsure which bag to buy, you can use the online comparison: Just add several models to the comparison list and take a close look at their product details side by side. Thanks to the various payment options and the sensible design of the website you can buy Lederwaren Weidner from anywhere at any time Mandarina Duck bags.

Mandarina Duck bags stand for fusion of Asia and Europe

The brand name and the corresponding logo come from a colorful bird: the mandarin duck comes from the lakes and rivers of East Asia. Their shiny metallic plumage as well as the crimson beaks and orange wing feathers of the males quickly catch the eye of the beholder. Following the name patron, the fashion brand Mandarina Duck opened a flagship store in Malaysia in 2007. In 2011, the Korean trading company E-Land bought the brand and the company Mandarina Duck. Corporate business will continue to be managed from Bologna. Mandarina Duck combines Italian design tradition with a global way of thinking.

Excellent quality, exceptional design

Already in the 1980s Mandarina Duck received some awards as an innovative company. In 1997, the company received the European Textile Industry Meryl Award. Since 1998, the brand has continued to receive multiple awards for great design, great products and outstanding collections. Mandarina Duck bags are popular with fashion-conscious women and men from different countries. The designer bags not only look great, they also accompany you on many trips and working days. In everyday life, the adjustable straps and smartly placed zippers pay off. Many models can also be worn in different ways, such as bag or shoppers bag. A look in our shop area shows that Mandarina Duck from the small shoulder bag to the big trolley fulfills all wishes.

Mandarina Duck Bags: Durable Attractive Companion

By the way, Mandarin ducks are known not only for their magnificent appearance. They are also considered spirited travelers and loyal companions. These qualities contribute to the fact that the Italian company founders chose this bird as their namesake. A passion for colors has driven the label's designers since their first collection in the 1970s. The various bag designers of the brand always manage to combine exciting colors with a strong sense of taste. Mandarina Duck stands for original and creative solutions. Modern functionality is combined with smart design. Thanks to our online shop, you will soon have a unique bag with Italian design.

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We see ourselves as a dealer who does not just offer goods, but rather is interested in completely satisfied customers. That's why we like to advise you before you buy a leather bag and also, if after the purchase questions arise. Just call us or send us an e-mail. Your individual wishes are important to us! So we pay attention in the model selection, only suitcases, backpacks and bags by Mandarina Duck in our assortment, which convince us one hundred percent. We help you to keep track of the ever new collections of international labels. We pay attention to good materials as well as to practical details, wearing comfort and a chic look. Discover and order the latest Mandarina Duck models in our leather goods online shop!

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