VintageRIMOWA Luggage - The original luggage with the grooves

Whether traditional aluminium cases or light luggage made of the high-tech material polycarbonate, the RIMOWA design is unmistakable due to the groove structure of its case shells. An innovative approach and exceptional demands when it comes to quality are just a couple of the aspects that make RIMOWA one of Europe's leading luggage manufacturers.
The original luggage with the grooves.

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Suitcases from Rimowa are composed from more than 200 components in more than 90 worksteps. The accuracy of craftsmanship is still as important as modern technology. RIMOWA is pioneer in the application of pure polycarbonate for luggage and suitcases. The ultralight RIMOWA luggage made of polycarbonate is a breakthrough innovation, since it completely exploits the huge potential of the high-tech material. It can withstand exposure to UV radiation and is resistant to heat and cold ranging from +125° down to -100°C / +260° to -150°F. Another distinctive feature of this innovative material is its tremendous flexibility. The suitcase shells yield to pressure but immediately return to their original form when pressure subsides. All components of our luggage lines made of polycarbonate are manufactured in Germany and Europe respectively. The legendary aircraft from the pioneering era of aircraft construction travel are the great inspiration for our luggage ranges made of aluminium. Especially the parallel-grooved aluminium structure marks the difference. It lends our luggage the characteristic design that makes all RIMOWA products distinctive and unique to this day

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