Joop handbag: accessory with character

The Joop brand was founded in Hamburg in 1986 by fashion designer Wolfgang Joop. Over time, Joop became an internationally operating fashion company, which in addition to accessories such as bags mainly offers upscale men's clothing and at times had children's fashion in the portfolio. Currently, Joop also produces women's clothing and home textiles. So you could, if you like, combine your Joop handbag with a pair of trousers and a jacket of the brand. If you are looking to buy a Joop bag, you are in the right place at our LEATHER ONLINE SHOP. Here and in our branches in Vienna and Baden girlfriends of German bag fashion get their money's worth. Our employees are always looking for the best models for you.

Joop handbag: luxury for women

Wolfgang Joop himself left the company in 2001. The brand has been owned by the Kreuzlinger fashion group Holy Fashion Group since 2008. A Joop handbag is therefore the result of a collaboration of various designers. This synthesis of different good ideas can be noticed in the bags. You can buy a leather bag that has the typical Joop design features, or choose a model that offers the benefits of synthetic fabrics - such as ease of cleaning, animal welfare and lower weight. A bag by Joop should be a fashionable everyday companion with a subtle style. Therefore, the Joop models often show traces of Nordic understatement.

Tasteful colors, modern forms

Today, the Joop brand stands for a certain variety of products. The various owners and employees of the company have always successfully adapted to the needs of customers and the market. Today you can buy a leather bag for women as well as bedding or terry goods in the cool colors and relaxed shapes of the label. Every Joop handbag is the detail of their makers to look at. It was designed by people who love fashion as much as you, and is a successful way to bring elegance into everyday life. The Joop collections are designed for people who want to be well dressed at work, in their free time and on trips, without giving up practical help.

Joop handbag: optimal workmanship

Like any leather bag for women you will find at Lederwaren Weidner, the Joop bags are also carefully crafted. They show that the selection of materials was intended to meet the demands of everyday life. In the past, German, Austrian and Swiss women were particularly interested in a Joop bag. According to the brand's main sales market, Joop Outlets are only available in Germany. If you live in Austria or are here on vacation, you are welcome to visit one of our branches - in Vienna or Baden - to inspect the Joop bags on site and seek advice. Of course you can also easily buy a Joop bag in our online shop at any time.

With cornflower and exclamation mark

The logo of the brand includes both the exclamation mark after the name and the cornflower, which shows in many bags and backpacks as a pattern. The JOOP! Metal logo has also been attached to many bags. At the beginning of the 1980s, Wolfgang Joop had the idea of ​​combining capital letters with an exclamation point. This shows the momentum and freshness that was supposed to transport the brand, which at the time was mainly talking about perfumes. In addition to the lettering, a stylized cornflower established itself as a trademark. Wolfgang Joop had selected his favorite flower as a distinctive mark for his first fashion brand. If you want to buy a leather bag for women today, you will find the typical flower on numerous leather goods. Depending on your model and size, your new Joop handbag will allow you to store your keys and mobile phone or even cosmetics and a notebook.

Buy leather bag - easy to find good collections

In general, Lederwaren Weidner offers you a variety of suitcases, backpacks and bags which, in addition to practical details, offer superior wearing comfort and very good materials. Bags by Joop have some trendy shapes, like the hobo bags or the bucket bags, but are often of a larger format. In a shopper or a spacious shoulder bag, for example, smaller purchases or materials from the office can be accommodated. Our leather goods online shop wants to help you make a choice in peace before you buy a handbag. Feel free to use our online comparison to place features of specific models next to each other. Or create a wish list that you share with friends and relatives or just use as a notepad for yourself. Various payment options and the real-time availability display, which allows you to see immediately whether we have your desired item in stock, make your shopping experience in our online shop particularly enjoyable.

Joop handbag: that certain something for your outfit

Women with style and an interesting aura are the people that brand designers think when designing a new handbag. A good bag can contribute to the self-assurance, know both the makers of a Joop handbag and we know of leather goods Weidner. After all, it is part of the identity that you want to carry outward with your outfit. The plain leather pockets and discreetly patterned synthetic bags add a touch of glamor without seeming too bold. Joop accessories are particularly in demand with ladies who are in the midst of life and know what they want. Our team will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail when choosing a new bag that can accompany you to meetings or stroll through the city.

Easy to buy your new leather bag

In our online shop for leather goods and various other bags and cases great designer bags are easy to find. Discover exciting collections from well-known brands and decide simply and relaxed from home for your favorite model. Whether alone at the desk or together with a friend on the tablet in the living room - with us you can easily and easily buy a fancy handbag. On our website you will find a lovingly compiled offer of dapper and beautiful handbags. With every model, you can be sure that it meets the highest quality standards. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, therefore, we are not only always looking for the best new models, but are also there for you before and after the purchase. Look now, which Joop handbags we offer and order the new everyday companion of your choice!

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